Cortechs Labs Promotional Item

Designed, Prototyped and Produced in mass quantity in 60 days.

Light Sensitive Branded Light. 

Cortechs asked for a product that would stick out. I built them a brain that lights up and in mass quantities in 60 days.

See my brain light work at the Cortechs Labs Booths (7367X, 7944)

RSNA 2018 - Radiological Society of North America conference

November 25 – 30, 2018
McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois, USA


The RapidoPro Bicycle Pump Head (update: now the TaggioPro Bicycle Pump Head) 

The TaggioPro Bicycle Pump Head

The TaggioPro Pump Head was born out of our own frustration with low quality solutions and silly designs and quite frankly we were tired of starting our weekend bike rides with bruised knuckles and questionably aired tires.

After many months of hacking home grown prototypes together, professional engineers were brought to the table to help create a reliable pump head that is comfortable, easy to use, and allows anyone to pump up a tire with minimal effort regardless of age or ability.

The TaggioPro's unique and one of a kind patented head attachment now means that connecting to a tire valve is a one hand operation. No more fussing with a two or three position head, clumsy / flimsy levers, switches and adapters that will get lost.. Simply push it on to start and pull it off when finished.


The TaggioPro Pump Head was designed from day 1 with an emphasis on reliability and durability. Our engineering team has worked tirelessly to develop a system that will ensure that the TaggioPro Pump Head will be the best floor pump head a bicyclist has ever used.

Manufactured from high quality high impact plastic and related polymers, there are no compromises in quality.




Testing in extreme heat

Testing in extreme cold

Testing different seal formulations



By having assembly and tooling handled by the Taiwan team, we developed a world class quality product supported by a team that has been working on mechanical products longer than Taylor Swift has been alive. The end result is a great product at a great price. I'm very happy with it.

The Tooling.


Once the product has been assembled and tested, it is then packaged for retail both in store and online. Communicating the value proposition to the potential customer is always front and center. To do this in-store, I created a point of purchase display that retailers can place on their store counters that helps demonstrate the product and generate interest. Most important was making a display small enough to place by the cash register.

TaggioPro Point of Purchase Display For Retail Shops

TaggioPro Stepster

Small, Light, Fast and Easy To Use.

Tested, Retested and Tested Again for performance. 

Even my prototypes do not escape thorough testing. I constantly drive products to the point of failure in a real world environment to find and fix areas that may cause users issues down the road. Every single prototype is analyzed meticulously for constant improvements.

Testing on stroller tires.