Creating products is what I do. From ideation to commercialization, I am experienced with a wide range of product development areas such as consumer products, medical devices, and aerospace parts.

The Story

I have over a decade of branding, marketing, program management, and product development experience. I have enjoyed working with an eclectic group of clients such as Google, IBM, Fox Entertainment and Yahoo! Despite my formal education from Chapman University and Stanford University, I attributes most of my success to the hands on experience I developed from running my own businesses and inventing and developing products. I am also a US patent holder, published author, husband and most importantly - a father.

Meet the SOPROTO Posse

We dream and do. We ignore the nay-sayers and surround ourselves with creative problem solvers that look for places to color outside the lines.


Gavin Currie

Quality Control

At just over a year old, Gavin brings months of experience in testing products to their max.

Cliff and Gavin

Cliff Currie

Stay at Home Papa

Between reading bedtime stories and changing diapers, Cliff helps people develop their visions into a reality they can touch and hold.

Amelia The Border Collie



While she fancies herding sheep or toddlers, Amelia's day job is keep a watchful eye over the snacks and people of SoProto.