The TaggioPro Pump Head

One Hand Bike Pump Head

Born out of the frustration with all other pump head solutions on the market, The TaggioPro pump head was developed and launched in 2015.

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Smallest and lightest footpump on Earth

The StepSter Foot Pump

The lightest and most compact footpump on Earth. The Stepster makes airing up tires and toys easier than ever. We saw an opportunity for a good solution (the hand pump) have a GREAT solution by leveraging the dominant muscle groups in the human body.

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TaggioPro Point of Purchase Display

TaggioPro Point oF Purchase

If seeing is believing, then trying is buying. A great deal of time and effort go into every product to ease the sales process. Our products are easily demonstrable.

Light Sensitive Branded Light.

Cortechs Labs Illuminated Brain

When a brand needs to stand above the crowd, we design, develop and manufacture truly unique creations on brand and on message.

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